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Sprouting JubeJube’s Shorts Review

Hi all! I’m back with another review, its time for shorts and my goodness did my girls need those shorts in their wardrobe. It seems summer time we go through way more laundry when the kids are little. They get so dirty going to the park, eating ice-cream and popsicles, and get wet from those […]

Lady and the Gents Kids Shorts Review

Lady and the Gents: Kids Shorts Review

Hey there!  Emily here from lady and the gents!  I’m super excited to be helping out with the kids shorts reviews this month, especially since it seemed like my little lady had absolutely no shorts for this summer!  It seems she has grown in height, but alas, her waist seems to always stay the same.  New […]

Sprouting JubeJube’s Leggings Review

This is the first month that I take part in The Pattern Exam reviews, and hope to be back for more fun reviews! For the leggings review this month I sewed up 5 pairs of leggings. In each case I measured my little model and chose the size corresponding to the charts. I made no […]

April Pattern Review: Underwear

Hi and welcome to The Pattern Exam!  We’re so thankful you’re here!  We hope that by becoming a regular follower of the blog, you’ll be a better informed customer in the sewing pattern world, and that we add value to all areas of your sewing. We’re a team of bloggers that came together early this year […]

Sugarplum Cuties: Girls’ Undies Review

This month we’re talking girls undies!  There are a bunch of patterns to choose from when it comes to girls’ underthings and, at first glace, it’s a challenging and overwhelming decision. So, I’m dissecting a few of them and breaking them down to hopefully help make your buying decisions a whole lot easier! I made all […]

Lulu & Celeste: Girls Underwear Pattern Review

Welcome to the first day of The Pattern Exam! So excited to be sharing my underwear pattern reviews! My name is Ula, and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste. I have two little girls, Silly Bean, who recently turned 5, and little Miss V who is 1.5. Silly Bean, is a skinny minnie and […]

SewOutofControl – Girl’s Underwear Review

Lyn Marie here from SewOutofControl. Recently I found myself following along a thread of mamas attempting to find the ‘perfect’ little people undies and was caught up in a whirlwind of like-minded bloggers. So we decided we’d find the perfect pattern ourselves while really having a look at what features PDF pattern consumers want in […]

Handmade Boy: Boy’s Underwear Review

Hi! Kelly here from Handmade Boy. I am here to help you solve one of the greatest mysteries in the sewing pattern world, which pattern is for you? When there are several difference versions of the same pattern available, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. Hopefully, this review will help […]

Rebelandmalice: Underwear Review for Boys

Welcome to the first month of The Pattern Exam! We are covering the very important world of underwear.  In my house, we know these as “chonies” which is a common word used by Latino families. In my case, I learned it from my mother who is Mexican. What do you prefer to call your underpants? […]

Pen Seb & Rox: Boys Underwear Review

My son being the only potty trained child in the house made making boys underwear the default choice for this project. Seb is a slim little dude and that can prove tricky when kids clothes, and patterns, have a lot of width to them; which is why I appreciate good sizing guidelines because I like to know […]