How It Works

What is The Pattern Exam?

The Pattern Exam is an idea that started as a blog hop concept, but has transformed into a collaborative blog that will be supported by the joint efforts of multiple sewing bloggers (“The Exam Board”). We began with the mission to give true, unbiased reviews of PDF patterns.

What is the Purpose?

Our goal is to provide honest and unbiased reviews of the content of each pattern, the instructions of each pattern, and the fit of the final garment. We want these reviews to include the details of the pattern itself as well as the outcome of our efforts in constructing the garments. We also hope that by compiling these reviews in one location we can provide a PDF Pattern Directory of sorts. We feel that these two things can truly benefit PDF pattern consumers as they determine which pattern(s) they would like to purchase and create.

How does it work?

Each month, the members of TPE will choose a category or type of pattern to review (i.e. “shorts”, “sundresses,” “women’s skirts,” etc.) Once chosen, we will sort through our individual stockpiles and choose which patterns will be reviewed. We also reserve the right to buy a pattern or two…we do have an addictions to feed 😉 During the month, we will create the garments, photograph the results, and post our individual reviews here on The Pattern Exam. We will also compile a side by side comparison chart to showcase the features (content) of each pattern that was reviewed for the month.

What does the chart look like?

Glad you asked! Here is a sample:

basic pattern checklist

Do you accept patterns that are given to you by designers?

No. We have decided to only choose patterns that we already own or will individually purchase, again to feed our addiction. We discussed this at length and decided that this format of choosing patterns would help to support our unbiased opinion. ***Patterns for the month of April 2015 (undergarments) ONLY, were provided by the designers because those arrangements were made before we came to our final decision on how to obtain patterns.***

Who are you people and why can you “judge” patterns?

It is not our intention to judge or grade these patterns in any way.  Instead, we are reviewing them and sharing our experiences with all of you.  In fact, we are just like you! Some of us have many years of sewing experience, and others have just recently entered into the world of sewing. Some of us sew for our families or as a hobby, while some of us sew as a business. Our sewing skills range from confident beginner to advanced, and we all have an enthusiasm for increasing these skills.We run blogs, shops, and our homes. Most importantly, we are PDF Pattern consumers and lovers just like you. We each have different expectations and needs from patterns. Our hope is that by having different individual reviews of the same pattern, consumers can have a better understanding of how that pattern will fit into their closet. We hope that you will learn to trust and value our opinions and skills as we go through this process together. If you would like to know a little more about us as individuals (and follow our personal blogs!) click here.

I have a blog, can I join in?

Fill out our contact page with your blog info and we’ll be in touch!

What other fun stuff do you have planned?

What would you like to see?