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Hello, lovely readers! I’m Heather from All Things Katy! and I sew for one smart, funny and sometimes-sassy five-year old. This is my first review for The Pattern Exam and I’m excited to share my findings with you! It’s June and that means here in the South that it’s hot, hot, HOT!! School’s out, camp is in session and it’s definitely shorts season!

I sewed up two pairs of shorts for my review the Clemence Shorts by Filles A Maman and the Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom.



Side-by-Side Comparison of the Clemence Shorts by Filles A Maman and the Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom

Clemence Shorts by Filles A Maman

First up, the Clemence Shorts by Filles A Maman. Let’s go over the Clemence Shorts pattern basics, first:
Clemence Teaser

-The Clemence Shorts are sized for 12m-14y. The Clemence Shorts feature a scalloped front detail and elastic back.

-The Clemence Shorts difficulty rating is, “confident beginner.”

-Woven fabrics are meant to be used while sewing the Clemence Shorts pattern. Cottons, chambrays, etc. are suitable.

-The Clemence Shorts has five pattern pieces (to be placed and cut according to the pattern).

-The Clemence Shorts features size layers meaning only print the size that you need.

-The Clemence Shorts pattern includes shaded diagrams (not photographs) for each individual step of the tutorial. Tester photographs and inspiration are included at the end of the tutorial.

-The Clemence Shorts pattern includes a sizing chart, a fabric and elastic cutting chart .and a finished size chart A pattern piece layout is included, as well. (For more pattern comparisons, please refer to this chart.)

After consulting the size chart, I chose to sew up a size 6 Clemence Shorts. While my daughter isn’t quite as tall as the specified 49.5″, she fit the size six hip and waist measurements. The Clemence Shorts sewed up pretty quickly. Each clearly numbered step, with their corresponding shaded diagram were easy to follow and understand. The tutorial was very straight-forward and easy to sew.


The Clemence Shorts


The Clemence Shorts- Flat Waistband Detail

Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom

Next up are the Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom. The Sycamore Shorts are a free pattern. Let’s go over the Sycamore Shorts pattern basics:

Sycomore Teaser

-The Sycamore Shorts are sized for 12m-8y.

-The Sycamore Shorts do not specify a certain sewing level. However, in my opinion, a confident beginner could easily accomplish these shorts.

-Like the Clemence Shorts, the Sycamore shorts should be sewn in woven fabric. Cottons. chambrays, etc. are suitable materials.

-The Sycamore Shorts has three pattern pieces per gender (front, back and pocket). There is a pocket shape for girls and a different pocket shape for boys.

-The Sycamore Shorts include a fabric requirements chart and print chart.

I sewed up a size six Sycamore Shorts. While there is an included chart titled “sizing,” the numbers in the chart do not correspond with helpful measurements in selecting an appropriate size for your model. I just had to pick a size that I *thought* would fit my daughter. Photographs are included in each step of the tutorial. In the step regarding the placement of the pockets, the sewer is instructed to “center (the pocket) on the shorts.” Yet, no directions or instructions were given to find and/or mark the center. In other words, there is a lot of room for interpretation.



The Sycamore Shorts

Both shorts took me approximately the same amount of time to sew- roughly two hours from cut to finished hem. Neither pattern is a “fabric hog.” Both patterns feature a fun detail the Clemence Shorts by Filles A Maman feature a scalloped front and the Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom feature a side tulip pocket. Both patterns have a lot of room to make the pattern “your own” through the use of different fabric combinations and/or trims.

I hope that this shorts pattern review was helpful to you! Whatever shorts pattern you select, go out and enjoy the warm weather!

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