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Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts)


Hello July! Hello Summer!

Heather from All Things Katy!, here! I’m back for my second review, written for The Pattern Exam. This time, ladies shorts (Lil’ Miss shouldn’t be allowed to have all the fun, after all! ;-). The Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts), to be exact.


Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts)

First, let’s discuss the Jocole Wideleg Pants pattern basics:

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants are written for sizes XS-XXXL.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants has three hems- pants, capris and shorts.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants has two pocket options- inseam and patch pocket.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants has two widths- wideleg and super wideleg.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants has two pattern pieces (for the legs) and a cutting chart for the stretchy waistband. If you are including pockets, you will have additional pattern pieces.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants PDF sewing pattern includes a sizing, fabric yardage, and knit waistband chart.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants PDF sewing pattern includes a Printed Pattern Page layout diagram.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants PDF sewing pattern also includes a separate file that can be taken to a copy shop to be printed as one big pattern.

-The Jocole Wideleg Pants PDF sewing pattern includes shaded diagrams and written instructions for each step.

Jocole recommends using, “…lightweight woven fabrics… or lightweight jersey knit….” for the Jocole Wideleg Pants. The waistband MUST have 75% stretch and be a super stretchy knit (such as Spandex or rib knit). A stretch gauge is included in the pattern.


Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts) Back Detail

I sewed up a size medium Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts). I included inseam pockets (I don’t know about you- but I always need pockets! Pockets for car keys, my phone, for the little bits of things Lil’ Miss “collects” while we are out….). I did the regular height waistband. I used a lightweight jersey knit for the shorts and a super stretchy ITY Knit for the waistband. Both fabrics were bought locally at Hancock Fabric.

The first thing that I realized while prepping and sewing my Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts), was the placement of the pockets. The pattern instructs you to place the pocket pieces, “…3 inches (down) from the top of the waist…” When doing so, my pockets peeked out from the bottom hem of the shorts! Perhaps 3″ down from the waist is fine for the pants and/or capri version, but for the shorts, it’s a definite no-go. So, I placed my pockets 2″ down from the waist and it was just the right height. Personally, if I had placed the pockets at the instructed 3″ down, I believe it would have been too low for me to comfortably use.

I’m going to be really honest with you and say that the pictured shorts that you see in this post were not my first pair. In fact, I almost didn’t finish this post because I had such a difficult time with this pattern. The shorts came together beautifully. The instructions and pattern pieces were clear and everything lined up and printed as it should. The problem lay solely in the waistband.


Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts) Regular Height Waistband Detail

My number one tip for anybody sewing up the Jocole Wideleg Pants is this;stretchy, stretchy, STRETCHY!!! The waistband HAS.TO.BE.STRETCHY!!!! Like super, crazy, stretchy! My normal four-way stretch cotton lycra (that’s I’ve used for many a waistband) just didn’t cut it. While sewing up another pair, I measured- 24″ (very tiny) waistband has to cover almost 40″ of shorts (once the shorts pieces are all sewn together) for the size medium. That’s almost double! Well, after several trips to the fabric store and a couple of failed attempts, I finally found a black ITY knit from Hancock that STRETCHED far enough to make it work.  Whew!!

The fit for the Jocole Wideleg Pants (as shorts) is roomy and comfortable. The knit waistband was super comfy and not at all constricting (once I finally got everything attached). The waistband stayed in place and didn’t slip around and/or down (as some yoga style waistbands tend to do). You can wear the waistband up (for more coverage), or folded over. As shorts, I feel like the Jocole Wideleg Pants are a bit too wide in the leg opening. I’m sure it would be fine for the pants version because there would be no worry of anything “peeking out.” The rise and length of the Jocole Wideleg Pants (as shorts) were just right. The bottom shorts hem fell a couple of inches above my knee (I’m 5′-0″ tall).



Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts) Waistband Detail- Folded over

I hope that this review has been helpful to you. Just remember, when tackling the Jocole Wideleg Pants (as pants, as capris and shorts) fabric selection is paramount! Go stretch!Jocole-WL-Full

Jocole Wideleg Pants (as Shorts)


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