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Courtney here from The Wholesome Mama, and I am back for round 3! I know…I just can’t stay away 🙂 My kids are in desperate need of clothes, so I couldn’t help myself. It was very fitting for this month to showcase Kids Shorts patterns with the start of summer, and it’s HOT here in Texas (as usual). So let’s get on with the program and check out these bad boys!

Out of the 8 patterns that we chose to review, I owned three of them. Long Beach Board Shorts by Terra’s Treasures, Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom Patterns and Coastal Craze Baggies.

My son’s measurements are:

  • waist 22″
  • hips 24″
  • height 45″
  • inseam 20″

I made sure to use only the recommended fabrics for each pattern as to keep every review uniform.


Long Beach Board Shorts | Terra’s Treasures $9.95

size 6

I love the color blocking that you can do with these shorts. You could also do some scrap bustin’ with those wovens you have had hiding in your stash for so long that you didn’t even know that you had. Hahaha. Seriously though! The construction on these are very quick and simple. The flat front with functioning drawstring and elastic waistband in back really give these the classic “board short” look. The pattern calls for piping along the back seam, but I chose not to include it on these shorts, making assembly even quicker. I found the length to be just slightly long on these, but that is no biggie since you can just chop a little off and hem. Everywhere else seemed to fit perfectly on my son.



Sycamore Shorts | Sew Like My Mama FREE

size 6

Another super quick sew here! There is only one main pattern piece included which is placed on the fold of your fabric. In order to get the “rise” higher for bum coverage you are instructed to cut a little off the top of each piece. I don’t recall ever using this technique on a pattern before, however this step was very quick and simple, and the pattern is free so I cannot complain 🙂 I learn something new every day. The rise ended up being spot on! I LOVE the huge pockets, as does my son, since they are great for holding things…lots of things! The assembly on the pockets was quick and easy, but I might assemble a tad different next time I make them. I found there to be too much bulk along the hemline. Sizing for these was perfect and they go by RTW size instead of measurements. Since my son is a 6, that is what I chose and it was a perfect fit.



Coastal Craze Baggies | Peek A Boo Patterns $7.95

Size 6

I absolutely adore the detail on these. They took a bit longer to assemble than the other pairs, but the detail really makes these. Faux fly, binding along the pockets, functioning pockets, back pocket, faux drawstring and knit waistband! And did you see the stripe matching that I did there? Whew…it’s really not as hard as it seams. Fabric suggestions for these are either woven or knit. I chose to do knit since I knew that they would be great to wear by the pool during the summer and knit seems to be less irritating when wet than a woven. Who knows! He has already worn these about 3 times in the last week, washed of course, so I guess that he likes them and they are very comfortable. The slim-fit look really nice, but my my son has a bootie, so that is another reason that I chose to use knit. Lots of color blocking options as well…everyone needs a little color in their life.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that these reviews are helpful in choosing a pattern that is right for you and your child. Check back each day this week to see what everyone else has to say.

If you haven’t already, head over to the intro post from yesterday to grab the handy dandy checklists for each pattern being reviewed, as well as each post linked up!!!!

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