Sprouting JubeJube’s Shorts Review

Hi all! I’m back with another review, its time for shorts and my goodness did my girls need those shorts in their wardrobe. It seems summer time we go through way more laundry when the kids are little. They get so dirty going to the park, eating ice-cream and popsicles, and get wet from those sprinklers in the neighbor’s yard. I was able to review 4 different patterns, 2 pairs are more for the playground, easy and fast to make (like 20-30 minutes fast) and the 2 other pairs are more for outings.

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You can look at the checklist to the patterns I reviewed here.To get things started  I’ll be posting each pattern in alphabetical order. Like last month its not about good or bad, its about what works best for you and your situation. Both Amelia and Julia are a size 4, but not all size 4’s are the same, and what works for one does not work for the other.

Bubble Shorts by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop:

Sizes range from 3 months to 8 years on this pattern from Peek-a-Boo, I made a size 4. This pattern has one option to it, what you see is what you get. However its very easy to modifie and add a real fly if you wanted but they are great as pull on shorts. I did change the back elastic, I put in an ajustable elastic and sewed in two buttons in the inside waistband. I also left out the side pockets due to the fact that I ran out of fabric, they’re just as cute without the pockets I think.



Some of the pattern pieces are printed and the straight rectagular pieces, like the front waistband and cuffs need to be self drafted, the measurements needed are supplied in a chart. They went together very well, but they did take a little more time with the consturction of the waistband and faux fly.




I would say for fit on Amelia they are spot on. This is one pattern that I will be using again.



Clémence by Filles à Maman:

This is, I swear, a 35 minute to pattern to sew (when do the plain version) and it has such fun details at the front. I used a bottom weight fabric with 3% lycra in it and I think it did the job right. The extention pack options can be downloaded on the Filles a Maman website for free.



The waist is high, and they have a nice tailored look.


I’ll be getting myself the extention pack and be making these over again for Julia. These in a denim for a day in the park…anytime!



Day Camp Set by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

If you’re looking for a quick no fuss option to shorts, here it is. One pattern piece and a simple elastic casing at the waist. This is the free Day Camp Set by Peek-a-Boo, the pattern also includes a simple t-shirt. I made a size 4 on this one, but the next time I use it I will size down. The size range is from 2T to 5T.


This style of shorts is a bit on the wide side so they didn’t suit Julia at all but they’re great for Amelia who’s measurements at the hips is just a bit bigger. I like the coverage they give, going all the way down to the knee.




Sycamore Shorts by Sew Like My Mom

This is a free pattern available in the Sew Like My Mom pattern shop on Craftsy. I must say I was pleasently pleased with the end result. Those deep pockets are great for kids to collect things, making note to self now to check them before throwing them in the laundry. In the pattern you’ll find a boys version with its own style of pocket and a girls version with another style of pocket.


The cutting of the pattern pieces is a little different from what I’ve ever seen but its quick and painless and it gives the rise needed for the shorts to fit right.





Off to run through some sprinklers now!

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