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Phat Quarters Shorts Review

PhatQuartersGHshortsTHi. I am thrilled to be able to show what I have learned about the three shorts patterns that I have reviewed this month. Shorts are another staple in our family and honestly they are so fun and easy to sew! I got a little slack from my kids last month because I made all the leggings the same size. One happy child… and four jealous ones. So this month I promised to share the love. I reviewed three shorts this month and will present them in alphabetical order to keep things unbiased.

I am going to start with the Starfish Shorts by Gracious Threads. The measurements I am working with this month are; Waist 20 Hip: 21.5. Using the sizing guide I made a Size 2, for my rambunctious and ever moving  two year old.


I was able to test these shorts and since their first release the sizing was increased to include sizes 10 & 12. This is a beginner rated pattern and is a very quick sew. The trickiest part is the waistband construction, but if you take your time with it you will love how clean and sharp the finish is. The sizing and cut charts have both imperial and metric numbers now, which I appreciate. While there is not a cutting diagram, there are notes on how to cut your pieces appropriately. There also is not a dedicated section for Tips & Tricks, but there are ‘Hints” and “Ideas” that can be found in the tutorial directions. The pictures are a bit pixilated on the new version, but they still show each step that they are associated with and the instructions are simple and clear. I do feel that the pattern makes these shorts appear primarily for girls, but they are unisex and the pattern shows examples of both boy and girl versions. The fit on these are as described, slim with a modest length. I love these shorts and they are a staple in my home.

Starfish Shorts

Starfish Shorts


Next up is the Coachella Shorts by Striped Swallow Designs. The measurements I am working with for these shorts are; Waist 21 Hip: 22. Using the sizing guide I made a Size 4. This pair will go to my seven year old girly girl. PhatQuartersGHshorts2

I love the look and style of these shorts so I was so excited to get a chance to make them. The pattern contains great information. There is a size chart, cutting guide, printing layout and instructions, fabric suggestions and other basics that you can learn more about on the checklist. This pattern does have layers which is a great feature, but I do want to note that as beautiful and cute as the colors of the pattern are, they do not print well with Black & White printing. To get the pattern lines to print I did have to change the ink settings (intensity) on my printer to get the lines to appear. However I find that this varies from printer to printer and pattern to pattern. Once I had everything printed and assembled I was delighted to come back to the PDF pattern and find that I could move throughout the pattern sections by clicking on a tab running along the right hand column of each page. This is very convenient and clever! The tutorial was clear and the pictures were a great help. The fit however was small. I went by measurements (as I normally do) but wish I would have gone up 1-2 sizes. I will however make more and I want to try them in knit as well!

Coachella Shorts

Coachella Shorts




Last will the Long Beach Board Shorts by Terra’s Treasures. The measurements I am working with for these shorts are; Waist 24 Hip: 27. Using the sizing guide I made a Size 8 Width with the size 10 long (Boy) Length. This pair is for lucky 10 year old lady.

The style of these shorts remind me of my many summer days at the beach in Los Angles. I love the details in them! The pattern is well written and easy to follow. As with the Coachella shorts I did have to change the intensity on my printer in order to see the actual pattern lines that I wanted. However the pattern itself is great. In the tutorial actual pictures are used for the steps, yet the fabrics do change from a boy version to a girl version, from time to time. I do like that there are two length options; boy (long) and girl (short). I chose to do the boy length even though I made the shorts for my girl. The pattern does have a very large size range as well, which will allow you to use the pattern multiple times, which is a bonus. This pattern also has an elastic back waistband and an optional drawstring front. I did not do the drawstring, but found that the waistband was a straight forward fold over which was fast and easy to construct. There is piping in this pattern with clear instructions  however there are not instructions on how to make a button hold or place and set eyelets, although they are an option. For these reasons I would rate this as a confident beginner / intermediate pattern. The fit is great! The back rise falls nicely on my daughter and she couldn’t wait to wear them for real (after pictures!).

Long Beach Board Shorts

Long Beach Board Shorts

There is plenty of warm summer weather left this season, so I hope that you take the time to choose a new pattern or finally dust off one that you have hiding in your stash. I have to say that again I was very happy with all the patterns that I tested this month. I will be making more from each pattern. Thanks for visiting with us and be sure to take the time to read the other reviews that we have for you.

Hi all! I am a wife and a mother of 5. I dusted off my grandmothers sewing machine over 10 years ago and have never looked back. I am a photographer, I love to scrapbook and hike, and I am a daughter of God. I grew up in Southern California where my family still plays in the sun while I now enjoy the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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