Lulu & Celeste: Kids Shorts Review

Hi! Ula here from Lulu & Celeste. This month I only had time to sew up one item, so for the shorts review I did the Starfish shorts from Gracious Threads. I made a pair for Silly Bean, as she is actually in dire need of shorts. I tried to save money this year by not purchasing too many clothes ahead of time as I wasn’t sure if she would get a big growth spurt suddenly and usually she gets tons of clothing in larger sizes at Christmas and for her birthday in February, but this year she mainly got shirts and jeans. No shorts. So yeah, we saved tons of money, but she doesn’t have any summer clothes besides tees. Unless you count the shorties I made her from the leggings patterns last month, which are more for under dresses, she owns exactly one pair of shorts. These ones:


First, I’m going to apologize for the pictures. Silly Bean isn’t the most cooperative for pictures, she likes to make silly faces to get her baby sister to laugh (when she isn’t getting angry at her for no reason) and mostly refuses to stay still. And little Miss V likes to photobomb all photo sessions now. It was so much easier when Miss V couldn’t walk yet, ha. So no pretty modelled pics. I have about 45 seconds to get photos, and hope that I get decent front and back shots. On the bright side, Silly Bean kept them on for the rest of the day!


The checklist for all the patterns being reviewed this month can be found here. As I always do, I modified the fit for her as she’s on the skinny side.

Silly Bean’s measurements:
Age: 5
Height: 43.5″
Waist: 21″
Hips: 22″

For this pattern I did a size 3 width with a size 5 length.

These were a fairly quick sew! Especially considering that I forgot to do the pockets. I was sewing a little bit here and there, and would read the next steps on the tablet while preparing snacks and whatnot and then when I’d get 5 minutes I sew up another bit, and somewhere in there the pockets got missed. Oops! Silly doesn’t seem to mind that there weren’t any added. But I will definitely remember to add them the next time so that when we go for walks she can carry her own rocks. 😛



I like the length, I find it perfect on her.


Main features:

  • The shorts have an elastic back waistband and the front features a drawstring.
  • The pockets (when you make them) are cute




  • The front and back pieces have separate rises.
  • Pattern uses the layers option so you can print just the size(s) you want
  • Large size range (2 to 12), good price ($7.50 US)
  • Slim fit, which is great for the skinny kiddos.
  • Classic style
  • Clear instructions


  • It may be a little tricky to customize the fit with the back elastic, but the drawstring helps pull in the waist as well (so it’s not really an issue)

Overall, I really liked these shorts, and I will for sure make her another pair or two.

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