Lady and the Gents Kids Shorts Review

Lady and the Gents: Kids Shorts Review

Hey there!  Emily here from lady and the gents!  I’m super excited to be helping out with the kids shorts reviews this month, especially since it seemed like my little lady had absolutely no shorts for this summer!  It seems she has grown in height, but alas, her waist seems to always stay the same.  New shorts were definitely in order!  I’m going to preface this post by saying my lady REFUSED to take photos.  I have never seen her be so adamant that she didn’t want her photos taken, so bare with me, lol!


Cora’s measurements:
height- 35″


Cora is super tiny for her age.  Most of the time I need to sew her size 6 months with adjusted length.  I always have to use blended sizes for her since she is not the average size of a 3 year old.  Ok, here we go!
First up are the Coachella shorts from Striped Swallow.  Based on the size chart, I made a 6 month waist with a 2 length.  I was really excited to make these!  I had been eyeing this pattern for a while and this review was the perfect reason to snatch this pattern up and give it a try!  I’m really glad I did because I really love the finished product!  The fit was spot on for my little lady.
This pattern has a size chart, cutting guide, print layout, fabric suggestions, and nested sizes, among other things which you can see on the chart below.

I really like that you can print by layers, which is really helpful for me!  This pattern printed and went together easily and once I was sewing, was even more of a breeze.  The tutorial was very easy to follow and the photos were very helpful.

I will definitely be making more of this pattern!
I was lucky enough to test the Clemence Shorts from Filles a Maman.  Based on the size chart I made a 12month in these.  The fit once again was great!  I really like the scalloped detail on these shorts.  I think it gives it great visual appeal!
This pattern includes a size chart, printing guide, print by layers, and fabric suggestions, among other things that you can see on the chart below.
This pattern was easy to put together and follow.  It has line drawings throughout the tutorial which were clear and easy to follow, and the instructions are very well written.  I had no issues sewing these up and will definitely be sewing up more!


I have had this pattern for a long time and had never sewn it up.  I was excited to finally have a reason to make these, especially since I love the look of them!  going off of the size chart I made a blend of a 6 month waist and a 2 length.  I found that these shorts ran pretty big on my little lady, even with taking off some elastic length since she is in between sizes.  Also, she is potty trained, so an average 6 month old would still be in diapers, so I’m guessing the fit on this size would be much better for them!  While the waist was too big, the size 2 length was perfect.
This pattern has a lot of cute features!  I really liked the leg bands and faux fly.  I didn’t really care for the construction of the front waistband, but the finished product does look great!  Along with these great features, the pattern includes a size chart, nested pattern pieces, and materials list, among other things found in the chart below.


I found the instructions to this pattern not the easiest to follow, and will likely change a few things next time I make them, but the finished product is adorable and the pattern itself does go together easily!
Last up are the Sycamore Shorts from Sew like my Mom.  This is a free pattern, and I was pleasantly surprised!  I really like this pattern and it was easy to sew.  I made the 12 month.  There is a size chart, but the pattern does not state what the size chart is for.
The 12 month fit great on my little lady and the length is good too!  I love the pockets and think they are a really cute accent!  This pattern includes instructions on how to adjust the rise by trimming a bit off of the tops of each piece.  It is really easy to follow!
This pattern has a printing guide, fabric requirements, and a materials list.  The instructions were very easy to follow and the tutorial did include color photos that made each step easy to understand.  For a free pattern, I will make these again!
My little lady is super excited to have 4 new pairs of shorts to wear during these hot summer months!  Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to take a look at all the other reviews!
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