The Wholesome Mama: Leggings Review

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Hey guys! It’s Courtney over from The Wholesome Mama and I’m back for Round 2 of The Pattern Exam, and we are reviewing leggings this time! I am so excited to be here and share with you today a handful of these beautiful ladies that I whipped up.

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My daughter recently went through a growth spurt and I ended up donating about 90% of her clothes….thankfully we had this super awesome review planned for y’all and I knew that I would be able to restore a little bit of her wardrobe. I really love leggings, first of all because they are a super quick sew, and second of all, because they are what my daughter is most comfortable in. She thrilled with these new additions and I hope that you find my cumulative review helpful in choosing a pattern that is right for you. For reference, my daughter’s measurements are waist 30″ and hips 33″….sizing seemed to be all over the place on these, but I did my best to get a good fit, and they all pretty much turned out fitting well.

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Peek A Boo Patterns Lollipop Leggings:

size 12

My most favorite part about these leggings was the options! I love that you not only get leggings, but also the option to add a skirt, ruffles, or buttons to give it just that little bit of detail AND short, capri and pant cut lines. I decided to do a nice contrast of fabric here, with the capri skirted option, and I loved the way that it turned out. The instruction for constructing the leggings was very simple and easy to understand, with very clear and precise pictures. I did find the instruction for constructing the skirt to be a little confusing in some areas, however, I was very impressed when I jumped on the PAB Facebook Group and was able to get some clarification very quickly. Great customer service!

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The fit worked for us even though my daughter’s measurements were larger than what was recommended in the pattern. I would love to see some tween sizing in the future 😉 She was absolutely thrilled with my fabric choices as well. I really love the look of the skirt with the capris, but I think that I might try a skort next. SO MANY possibilities here. Size ranges from 3 months-12 years including 18″ doll sizing. $7.95


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DandeLion ‘n’ Dungaree Basic Leggings:

size 16 waist, 14 hips and 8 length

This pattern blew me out of the water with her sizing. From NB all the way up to Tween sizing (THANK YOU!!!!!) is just HUGE, and it was a free pattern. Woohoo!!!! When you download the pattern it comes in a zip file since it is so large. Baby, Child and Tween are all separated into their own folder for ease of use. Normally I am one that loves layered sizing so that I can just print what I need, but this was one time that I am glad that they were nested. I was able to get a super custom fit for my daughter, which is normally very hard since she is plus size.

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Other options in this pattern included shorts, capris and pant length. I went with the capris again here per request of my daughter. The fit was spot on and I already have a request for more from my daughter. She actually liked the simplicity on these. Size ranges from NB-16 years plus 15″ and 18″ doll sizes. FREE


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Love Notions Leggings:

Size 14

Another FREE pattern here! I totally loved having the option to make either a yoga or elastic waistband on these…gives you the option for that little pop of color if you want it, however it can still be hidden under a dress if you are using them for bloomers. ***Disclaimer*** This pattern comes in only ONE length, which is full length leggings. I shortened them by using another pattern as a guide, which is a very easy alteration to do. The fit on these were perfect and my daughter liked that I chose the yoga waistband as it is a little more comfortable on her tummy.

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I am conflicted on whether or not to shorten the rise next time. I feel like it is a little high, however I don’t want her to be showing more on the backside. I will play around with it on the next pair. The pattern was laid out very well with nice, clean, and precise instructions and photos as well as layered printing. Size ranges from 2T to 14 years. FREE


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Jocole Everyday Knit Ruffle Pants:

size 14

I have been dying to make some ruffle leggings for my daughter since last Christmas when I bought…yes bought…a pair of PJ pants for her very similar to these. She would always rave about how comfy they were! The sizing was right on target with these, as per the sizing chart on Jocole’s website. She has all of her sizing listed online as opposed to in each pattern which can be bothersome, however ALL her sizing is universal, so you always know what to expect!

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Available options on these leggings include single or double ruffle, in full or capri length. I chose capris again here since we live in Texas and it’s already in the 90’s here. I forgot adjust length according to her height, so I think that they are a little longer than they should be. I was thrilled to see the clear elastic gathering method in the instruction for these. I learned this trick just a few months ago and I am sad that I did not know about it sooner. It does take a little adjustment however, so just be patient, practice and take your time. Sizes range from NB-5T or 6 years-14 years including 18″ doll sizing. $8


Thank you so much for joining us again this month. I hope that you find these reviews helpful in determining which pattern is right for you and your child! Please stay tuned all this week for more reviews on even MORE leggings that are available in the PDF pattern community right now.



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