Sugarplum Cuties: Girls’ Leggings Review

So happy to be reviewing girls’ leggings this month.  I feel like the market is completely saturated with leggings patterns for women and girls and it’s so hard to sort through and figure out which pattern is going to be the best fit.  This month, I did the Bella Sunshine Designs Bow Tie Leggings and the Ellie Inspired Leggings.



The Bow Tie Leggings come in a legging style which is a more snug fit, as well as a looser fitting pant.  You can make them in several lengths, and the bow detail can be attached one of two ways.   I did a size 3 on my 6 year old, and lengthened them to a 5T (based on the size charts).

BowTie2 BowTie3 BowTie4






What I liked:

  • Print by layers makes it super easy to blend sizes
  • Elastic is attached directly to the waistband (as opposed to a casing) which I think gives a cleaner result
  • The bow detail adds a little more flair than a traditional leggings pattern
  • Two different pants (leggings or a looser fit pant) patterns are included
  • Tutorial is well written and professionally done
  • Fit is so great on my super skinny 6 year old

What I didn’t like:

  • I’d love it if the pattern included options for a yoga waistband





The Ellie Inspired Leggings are a free pattern that only come in one length.  There are only 5 pages to print for the pattern and they’re a super simple and very quick sew.  I did a 3T on my 6 year old and lengthened them (according to the measurement charts).

Ellie2 Ellie3 Ellie4






What I liked:

  • The pattern is FREE!
  • Well written tutorial with line drawings
  • Super quick sew from cut to last stitch only took me about 2o minutes (using a serger and a coverstitch)
  • Only 5 pages to print

What I didn’t like:

  • The rise is the same in the front and the back of the pants making them baggy and bunchy in the front at the waist
  • The fit is weird around the back of the knees and don’t hug the legs where they should
  • There are no length options (although this is a very easy modification I could do myself)
  • The pattern calls for 1/4” elastic and also a 1/4” seam allowance at the waistband.  This is a TYPO in the pattern and it should require 3/4” elastic instead.



Thanks for reading!  I hope you find this helpful!  Stick around to see what we’re doing next month! 🙂


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