Phat Quarters Leggings Review



Leggings are a must in my house of 3 little ladies! My boys even have a few pairs. We do not to wear leggings alone as pants, but my ladies do wear them under EVERYTHING! From dresses and skirts, to shorts and pants, chances are someone has a pair on. With that being said you can see how much a good PDF Pattern would be to me. I was thrilled to find out that my girls and I enjoy each pair of leggings that I reviewed. In a few weeks I will post on my blog Phat Quarters a ‘Personal Bias Review’, which will be a more personalized review of these patterns based on my sewing style, clothing style, and other biased opinions. Today, however, I am here to help you, the consumer, learn about the components of each of these patterns so you can be more prepared as you search for the best Legging PDF Pattern for your stash. I reviewed 4 patterns this month for my almost 11 year old. I am including her measurements so you know what I am working with; Waist 23″ Hips 27″ Inseam 26.5″ and Height 57″. Here they are in alphabetical order- just to be fair 😉


Dandelions & Dungarees: Leggings       Size 8


This pattern is just what it claims to be, Basic Leggings. Is that bad? Not at all. I appreciated the simplicity of this pattern and results were perfection. The pattern has all the basic components that are needed; like Size Charts, Notions Needed, Fabric Requirements, Cutting & Taping Guides and even a Table of Contents. Due to the wide range of sizes available in this pattern there are 4 different files Zipped together.  According to the charts I should have made a size 7, but sadly that pattern piece was not in any of the files. DO NOT fear, for I brought it to the designers attention and she kindly and quickly found the missing layer. She then informed her followers of the error and the fix. So, if you already have this file please make note that an Update is now available. In the meantime I decided that I had no other choice but to make the size 8 and I am glad I did. The fit on these leggings are great. The tutorial is laid out nicely with directions on the left and line drawing visual aids on the right. The tutorial is well written and contains extra details to ensure that you get a Custom Fit if you need it. There are three different length options, which she calls Leggings (to the ankle), Capris (Mid-Calf) and Shorts (Knee). I choose the Leggings and the cut according to my daughters height NOT the size 8. We found the hem to be a little snug, but my little lady is also wearing a size 3 shoe so I could be related to that. The rise on these were amazing and very comfortable according to my lady. The pattern leaves you with a page of Sewing Definitions, Knit Tips & Tricks and multiple images of finished garments. I was very impressed with this pattern and my lady is very happy with the leggings. As a small business owner, I would also like to point out that you can sell leggings made form this pattern on a small scale but NOT for manufacturing.


E+M: Girl’s Capri Length Leggings Pattern No. 8    Size 8


Not only does this pattern have the same basics as we are seeing in most, also provide is a page of contact information. Included in this are Facebook Page links, Craftsy links, an email address and of course Website information. I think that these items are very useful to have on hand if you get stuck, have a question, or want to show off your hard work! Along with the fabric and cutting charts is the added bonus of a Knit Stretch Guide. This little bonus should be printed out and stored because it will prove very useful as you work with knit fabrics. The pattern is also rightly rated as a Beginner pattern and is simple, clean, and detailed. Each step is laid out clearly and is accompanied by titled line drawings. While this pattern does not have many bells and whistles it does have nice front and back rises and the hem hits at a very flattering spot just below the knee. The directions have you create a casing for the elastic, which can look sloppy. But, if you take you time with this step you can get clean waistband, so just take it slow. My lady did enjoy that there was a little bit of wiggle room in the rear and overall fit of these leggings. She has been wearing them to bed for the last week. Lastly, I would like to again note that, you CAN make items from this pattern from small quantity sales.


Go To Patterns: Leggings     Size 7/8


This pattern begins with lovely line drawings of the many options of leggings that you can create from the tutorials. It is fairly rated as a Beginner pattern and is a quick and easy sew. It also include the standard fabric and notions requirements, sizing charts, and tips and tricks to help you along the way. There are directions to help you create a custom fit and a contrasting waistband. There are four different options to finish the base of the leggings. However, the Ribbon Trim option does not include measurements or many details on construction. I did not choose to create the Ribbed Cuff Hem, but the construction method provided will require you to tack the seams down once you have completed the leggings. As you continue through the tutorial you will find clear instructions and both photographs and line drawings as visuals. I did find the page layout to be a little hard to follow, but nothing that would not allow you to accomplish the leggings. One note that I would like to make is that while there is a skirt option in this pattern there are no visual aids to assist you in its construction or attachment to the leggings, yet the instructions are clear. The waistband is attached to the top of the leggings before they are folded over creating a crisp looking band (as opposed to a casing). The fit on the leggings were perfect as was the rise of the back. Again as a small business owner, I would also like to point out that you MAY NOT sell items made from this pattern on a small or large scale. You can however, contact them for a “Limited License To Sell”. Overall, I was very happy with this pattern and will be using it again.


Peek-a-Boo Patterns: Lollipop Leggings


As with the other patterns, this pattern includes the basic needed components to start you off right, including the seam allowance that is to be used through out construction. Measurements are given both in standard and metric, which will prove useful to our friends across the border. I want to make note that not all the pieces of this pattern are included as a paper pattern piece. The ruffles and skirt pieces are given as measurements for you to cut out. The directions are direct and have a photograph for you to use as a visual reference. There are also little notes through out, that indicate which step you can skip too depending on which of the 3 finishing options you have chosen to complete. There are a few tips and tricks as you work through the tutorial to help you complete a range of hems but there is not a page dedicated to such. Also you will see a finished photograph of the 3 options from the front but there are no other finished images nor an image of the back rise. If I were to follow the Size Chart given I would need to make a size 7 for my lady. I have used many pattern from PABP and feel as a general rule that they run small. Based on that prior knowledge I chose to make a size 8 which sadly, was still too small. The lucky thing for me is that I have two more little ladies. The image above is of my middle daughter in the size 8. Her measurements are as follows: Waist 22″ Hip 25″ Inseam 25″ Height 55″. You are allowed to sell leggings that you make from this pattern. I am happy with this pattern and my middle lady is thrilled that she gt a pair of leggings too!


I hope that these reviews, and the others you can find on our blog, are helpful to you! Our goal it to help you find the best fit for you and your family by sharing what works and does not work for ours. Thanks for visiting with me today. If you want to keep up with the other projects in my life you can find me at my Blog, on Facebook, in my Shop, losing myself on Pinterest, and occasionally on Instagram. Have a great day!

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