Lulu & Celeste: Leggings review

Hi! Ula here from Lulu & Celeste! I’m back this month reviewing a few leggings patterns. A little late putting this review up, I had a bit of “model difficulty”..


I sewed up four pairs this month using three patterns that I had purchased in the past as well as one free pattern. I will present the patterns alphabetical order in just a bit.

For each of the patterns I modified the fit a bit. I wound up sewing size 3 widths with size 5 lengths for my skinny kiddo but otherwise I didn’t adjust the fit. Silly Bean’s measurements: height 43.5″ (approx I last measured her height about a month ago), waist 20″, hips 20″. The girl is going to be a bean pole like I was as a kid..

I used Kaufman Laguna knit for each pair of leggings in these three colours: flamingo, navy and cloud. I wanted basic colours that she could use to wear under skirts/dresses.

To see the charts with full details for each pattern being reviewed this week go here.

Bella Sunshine Designs – Bow Tie Legging & Shorts

This pattern comes in two styles: leggings and slim fit pants; and there are also instructions for a cute bow detail that I left off for these. It also comes in four lengths: full, capri, knee length and mini shorts. I sewed the leggings in the knee shorts length. Sizes included are 12m to 10y.


The pattern has the option of using layered printing so you only need to print the size(s) you want. Also includes tips for sewing with knits and on how to choose the right knit, a glossary explaining different stitches that can be used.  The tutorial uses diagrams not pictures, and overall has a very professional feel.

The rise was good on these, not too high, they came under her belly button. I had some slight bunching in the front so I may need to adjust the front rise a bit for my model but otherwise they fit like her normal RTW leggings.

For the waistband the elastic is sewn in a circle and then sewn to the top edge of the leggings and then it’s flipped enclosing the elastic inside.

Hemming is done at the end, folding the edge over twice so that the raw edge is enclosed. It made for slightly awkward sewing but she includes instructions for using wonder tape to help (which I didn’t have).

E+M Patterns -Girls’ Capri Length Leggings Pattern No 8 (Free)

This is a basic style legging that comes in just capri length. Although it would be easy to adjust the length if you wanted. It comes in sizes 2 to 10 and the size 2 has the option of cutting a different waist line if your child is in diapers. The rises for the front and back are different. Includes basic tips for sewing with knits; instructions include diagrams not photos.


(She was most cooperative for these pictures, which isn’t saying much, lol. I didn’t ask her to hide her face but she danced around for these pictures with her hat over face so no need for cropping, ha).


Again I probably need to adjust the rise a bit in the front to eliminate the puckering you can see. But coverage is good, not too high in the front or back, they come to just at her belly button. The length for capris is great on her.

For the waistband, a casing is made to insert the elastic and then it’s sewn shut.

Hemming is done flat before assembling the rest of the leggings, with instructions for (optional) topstitching which helps tack down the seam so it’s not noticeable. In my case I just tacked down the seam at the hem for about a half inch.

Jocole – Ruffle leggings

This pattern has a large size range: newborn to 14y plus doll; and has three lengths options: full, capri, and shorts and includes instructions for adding ruffles. I sewed the shorts length and left off the ruffles. Lots of tips and resources are included for sewing with knits. The tutorial uses photos.


The rise was crazy high on these. They came up past the bottom of her ribcage. But the fit was great on the legs, I just need to cut a couple inches off the top and reattach the elastic and they’ll be perfect to wear for under her dresses.




To make the waistband the elastic is sewn in a circle and then sewn to the top edge of the leggings and then it’s flipped enclosing the elastic inside.

Hemming is done flat before construction of the rest of the leggings with instructions to stitch the seam allowance down.

Titchy Threads – Fancy Pants Leggings

This pattern includes a large size range 0-3 months to 10 years and different waistband, hemming and length options. Waistband can be either exposed elastic or knit; hemming can be a cuff or regular hem; and either full length or shorts. I made the shorts length with a cuff and knit waistband. This pattern has a separate bum panel which would make for some fun colour blocking, although I decided to stick to all one colour since my plan is for her to wear them under any of her dresses. The tutorial includes clear, bright photos.


Lots of great tips for sewing with knit fabrics as well as description of different types of knit fabrics. There are also tips on how to choose the right combination of sizes (if necessary) to get the best fit. Which I didn’t completely follow as I only adjusted for width and didn’t consider adjustments for rise. (As in possibly needing a shorter rise if she has a shorter torso compared to her height).

The rise on these was high as well (although I think she yanked these up a little too much for the pic below). But still these were above her belly button.


I like doing the cuffs and waistband on these. It’s a little more time consuming because of the extra pieces to cut out but I find that cuffs and knit bands are easier to sew on than hemming and sewing on elastic for the waistband. As shorts, with the bum panel, I thought they’d probably make a good pair of undies as well.


Overall, each of these patterns were well put together with lots of tips for sewing with knit, sizing charts, etc. They all had a professional look to them as well and were easy to read. Hopefully I made choosing a legging pattern a little easier to do.

Until next time!



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