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Hey there, Courtney here from The Wholesome Mama! I am excited to be here and share my input on Boy’s Underwear from various PDF pattern designers. I know that it can be a bit daunting trying to choose a certain pattern when there is a WIDE variety of of similar patterns out there. Throughout my review I made sure that I used the same fabrics, therefore keeping it consistent across the board.

We were in desperate need for some new underwear in this house, so I was glad that we started our first “Exam” with underwear. My son is 5 now and a big fan of boxer briefs (he says they keep his legs warm…lol), so his review on these may be a little skewed (wink, wink). My son’s measurements are 45″ height, 23″ waist, 25.5″ hips and 15″ inner thighs. The poor thing got his mama’s tushie and thighs!!!!!

Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop Classic & Boxer Briefs:

Size 5/6


It was so hard to choose from all the options, but ultimately my son chose the boxer briefs with the faux fly option, which I love <3 It gives them the extra pop of color even though my son doesn’t use a fly yet. Fit was spot on in all areas! I am excited to make more of these in the future, and with the extended sizing from 12 months-12 years it will be happening. For some reason I had a little confusion assembling the pattern and could not find a diagram if how they should be taped together, but eventually I got it. I liked the added chart on the actual pattern piece with the measurements for the bands. The instructions and pictures (no line drawings) were very clear and outlined very well, with a clear differentiation between brief vs. boxer instruction.


Little Kiwi’s Closet Kiwiana Undies:

Size 63cm


I really liked the construction on these. The inside had a hidden crotch seam, also giving it an extra lining layer, and the sides wrap around to the front eliminating any side seams and making it great for color-blocking with different prints/patterns. I found the sizing a little difficult to follow because the chart flowed together without clear differentiation making it hard to determine size. I also didn’t see any fabric recommendations for the main brief, only the bands. The overall fit was good on my son, other than the rise in back was a tad low, but still covered everything. Like I said above though, he has a booty on him like his mama!


A Sparkly Baby LilBug Undies:

Size 6

DSC_6972_edit DSC_6973_edit

A wealth of detailed information given in this pattern regarding knits and which ones are best to use for certain projects. Very good information to have, but it made the pattern a bit overwhelming at first glance. I second guessed myself on the sizing because only finished measurements were given on the sizing chart…I went with the size 6 since that is what my son is wearing in RTW sizes. Thankfully they fit great! Each size prints separately as opposed to having the sizes nested together, so if you are mixing sizes this makes it more difficult. Printing was a breeze though, making it only 3 pages…woohoo!!!! They instructions given for sizing the bands was a bit overwhelming and confusing for me. I tried to follow the instructions, but I could not get a good fit, so I ended up using a different pattern’s measurements for these. They sewed up very quickly, and I liked that there was an added lining. The rise worked great on my son and he said that they were very comfy!


Patterns for Pirates Pirate’s Booty Boxer Briefs:

Size 6

DSC_6970_edit DSC_6971_edit

I love that are so many different options here! One of my favorites is that you can add the trainer pocket and not have to actually sew the extra fabric into the underwear. That way, when they are potty trained, they are still able to wear them comfortably without the extra bulk. I chose to do just do the plain center option over the functioning fly because my son is 5 and doesn’t really utilize that option just yet. The sizing goes up to a 14 though, with the smallest being 12 months…HUGE size range… so we have plenty of time to make some more in the future! These fit him just PERFECTLY!!!!! I will state that the pattern specifically states not to use cotton interlock, but it is what I had on hand and used for each pair during the review and they still fit him perfectly. These are a super quick sew because pattern piece for the main boxer piece is cut along the fold, so there are no side seams. They would also be great for utilizing a color-blocking effect, having the center front piece. The instructions and pictures (no line drawings) are very clear, precise,  and outlined very neatly. I had no problem understanding the assembly.

Thank you so much for joining us this month! I hope our information was helpful for you in some way and look forward to providing more in the future.

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