SewOutofControl – Girl’s Underwear Review

Lyn Marie here from SewOutofControl. Recently I found myself following along a thread of mamas attempting to find the ‘perfect’ little people undies and was caught up in a whirlwind of like-minded bloggers. So we decided we’d find the perfect pattern ourselves while really having a look at what features PDF pattern consumers want in a product.

All the panties I made were done with cotton jersey sheets from Target that were prewashed and shrunk, with leg and waist bands made from various scraps with a reasonably high lycra content. I kept the stitch, fabric type, and thread the same throughout all 4 pairs to make sure my overall experience between them wasn’t swayed due to the materials used.


For those that prefer an objective ‘ticky box’ visual to see the features of each pattern, a chart was compiled, which really allows for everyone to figure out what features are most important to them.

Serger Pepper – Regular Waist Size 5


What I liked

The technique used to line these panties was great. This is the only panty pattern I own (out of 7 between me and the little) that utilizes this specific technique to line them.  I much prefer the look and fit of lined panties, and the methods used in this pattern prevent any exposed seams across the crotch area. There are also no side seams to irritate on the hips, with them instead positioned in the front like briefs. I especially like this for children who are tactile.

What I didn’t like

I did find that the sizing ran a little bit big on this pattern based on measurements. I would size down the next pair I make. I also found the crotch a wee bit narrow, but it did provide adequate coverage due to the wide leg bands when the little decided to sit not-so-ladylike.


Little Kiwi’s Closet – Size 63cm


What I liked

The tutorial for sewing these panties up was nice and short. Also, the side seams are once again moved from the hips to the front of the torso, making them a little more comfortable for the tactile child and allowing more creative use of your fabric scraps.

What I didn’t like

I found the tutorial a little jumbled in the layout, and am not at all a fan of a tutorial using photos of different panties (different fabrics) for different steps. I much prefer continuity throughout a photo tutorial. Once again, ran slightly large based on measurements.


Peek-A-Boo – Size 3/4


What I liked

These little panties were one of the smaller pairs based on measurements, and provided the best fit for that little toddler build. They look more like toddler panties too – not so bikini or hipster style. The rise was a bit higher, providing baby bottom coverage, and the front sat well for the buddha belly as well. The bands weren’t too snug, and the jersey didn’t sag terribly as she wore them.

What I didn’t like

These aren’t the cutest of the patterns  due to their ’round’ toddler shape, but I wouldn’t say that is a detriment to the pattern at all.


MonkeysBug – Bikini Briefs Size 5/6


What I liked

The overall look of these panties is quite nice. They really look like little panties. The pattern also includes the option to utilize FOE in the tutorial, which is a great bonus if you like working with FOE or have some FOE stash busting to do. There is also some tips on using wash away tape in the construction of the liner, which is handy too.

What I didn’t like

The sizing also seemed a bit off for us based on measurements. In this pattern my child’s measurements placed her at the size 11/12, where as I made the 5/6 and that was much more appropriate.


Overall – I’d have to say I ADORE the technique used for the Serger Peppers, however the fit of the Peek-a-boo panties is spot on. I know that those two pairs will be getting a ton of use, and I definitely will need to stitch up a couple more 🙂



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