Mimi’s Mom: Girls Underwear Review

Hi, I’m Darcie from Mimi’s Mom! I’ve been meaning to try out and sew up a wardrobe of undies for my kids, so this was the perfect chance to try a bunch out and see which we liked best! I chose to sew for my small-statured 11 year old girl, as she’s the pickiest of the bunch. Luckily, all the patterns go up to at least a size 10.

Girl's Underwear Pattern Review

We both had some definite favorites, me to sew, her to wear. But all of these turned out great. Very comfortable, since I went with all knit bands and skipped the elastic. I used 95/5 cotton spandex knit all throughout to get an even feel of how each pattern fit. I based all sizes off measurements, getting as close as possible with her hip width to the size suggested in each pattern.
Girl's Underwear Pattern Review The pattern piece file is a little intimidating at first! But it’s rather genius how it’s put together. The instructions detail how to print the layers, and you can choose high or low. A chart for band pieces was included on the printed page. I love that this pattern hides the stitching for the crotch liner, and I was able to do all sewing on my serger.

This pair was the one she saw and thought she’d like the best, and it was the one she liked on the best. More were requested.

Girl's Underwear Pattern Review This pattern is neat, because it’s bundled with a camisole to make an entire set. The body is all-in-one, plus has a separate liner piece. I liked that the steps were simple and quick. I also loved that the band sizes were in a chart on the pattern piece itself. I didn’t love the 1/4″ seam allowances, as I find that knit edges are difficult to manage at that size.

She found them comfy, a little extra fabric in the rear, no real complaints about fit anywhere.

Girl's Underwear Pattern Review The construction style of these is a little different than the others, and creates a front inside seam that’s nicely tucked inside so as to not be irritating on delicate parts. I like that the back wraps around to the front and avoids side seams, plus you have a potential for some neat pattern switch ups or color blocking. The pictures in the pattern were fairly concise and easy to follow, and the included charts for picking size and cutting bands were clear.

She found these a little wide and strange feeling right at the back crotch seam, but the overall fit was good.

Girl's Underwear Pattern Review This pattern also has a front and back that crosses at the crotch to create a lining. In this style, the back middle seam is hidden, and the front is left to be sewn down. I had to guess size here, as the chart is given in finished measurements, rather than actual hip. Luckily my guess was correct. For her 24″ waist, I went with the 9/10 she wears in RTW clothing, which lists a finished size of 20″. The instruction steps are very clear, well photographed, and each separate size prints and assembles very neatly.

She said they felt good, no complaints, comfy!

Girl's Underwear Pattern Review This pattern gives a very detailed overview of knits and how stretch works that may be very helpful to some. Some of the earlier information is duplicated at the end. The print is quite large, meaning it takes up far more pages than would seem necessary. I found the changing fonts and the overall pattern layout a bit messy and distracting. This pattern also asks you to make your own pattern piece for the bands. I chose to stretch fabric to the length indicated instead of creating a new piece. I did not see a seam allowance indicated for sewing the bands together, nor for attaching them to the undies.

The fit on these was far smaller than the others. The overall body was acceptable, but the leg bands were too snug on my daughter. Despite stretching less than it seemed was described to create the piece, the legs were simply more snug than would be comfortable. This might be better suited for younger children, or it may be that either 1) I stretched more than I should have, or 2) my children really have inherited my thunder thighs. 😉


That’s it! Hope you liked my overview of my experience trying these patterns out and are inspired to make a bunch! I know I will be doing more, my other two are totally jealous.

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