Lulu & Celeste: Girls Underwear Pattern Review

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

Welcome to the first day of The Pattern Exam! So excited to be sharing my underwear pattern reviews! My name is Ula, and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste. I have two little girls, Silly Bean, who recently turned 5, and little Miss V who is 1.5. Silly Bean, is a skinny minnie and bottoms never fit her properly, including undies. This was a project with perfect timing as new undies were needed!

Each month we will be doing comparative reviews of similar patterns based on certain themes with the hopes of helping readers decide which pattern is the best one to use for their purposes. For our first month we are examining underwear patterns.

For our first month, these patterns were given to us free of charge for the purpose of these reviews, but the coming months will be done differently.

The underwear patterns for girls up for review are:

Big Girl’s Briefs by Serger Pepper

Classic Panties and Camisoles by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Kiwiana Undies by Little Kiwis Closet

Knit Hipster or Bikini Briefs for Girls by Monkeysbug patterns

LilBug Undies by A Sparkly Baby


undies table girls



First up, Big Girls Briefs from Serger Pepper:

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

Size I made: 3 (she was just slightly under the sizing on these but 3 was the smallest size)

Fabric I used: Riley Blake cotton jersey knit polka dot in black for the main and Robert Kaufman Laguna knit in purple for the bands.


  • Construction technique. I like that the crotch lining seams are hidden (top and bottom seams), so none of the edges are exposed.
  • Design. I like the extra detail. Although I messed up while topstitching. I think I overstretched it while sewing or something as it’s still kinda wavy even after lots of pressing.
  • Professionally made tutorial/pattern. Very easy to read and understand.
  • Two rise height options.
  • Tutorial has links to tips for sewing with knits.


  • These ended up being a bit too big on Silly Bean for her to wear comfortably (although she still wears them) and were a little baggy in the front. They did cover the back completely.

Verdict: I will make them again when she grows into them. I like the extra decorative detail and the construction technique.


Next up Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Classic Panties and Camisole:

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

oops that should read Classic Panties and Camisole!


Size I made: 18 months (Although looking over the size chart again I probably should have the done the 2T since she was in between the two)

Fabric I used: Upcycled t-shirt for the main and Riley Blake cotton jersey knit polka dot in black for the bands


  • Good value. Also includes a pattern for a camisole.
  • The steps are short and to the point. (Instructions for the panties are on just two pages)


  • Pattern pieces are nested and the lines are differentiated by colour only not with different style lines which is not ideal if printing just in black and white. However, I didn’t have much trouble cutting along the right line.

Verdict: I would make these again, but next time I will size up with the waistband as the fit through the hips/bum was perfect but a tight around the waist. (The difference in length between the waistband of the 18m and 2T is slight, for how tight the waistband is on her an extra inch would be better not just half an inch).


 Monkeysbug: Bikini and Hipster Briefs for Girls

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

Size I made: 2

Fabric I used: Upcycled t-shirt and FOE (fold over elastic) for the bands.


  • Tutorial includes the option of using FOE for the waistband and leg bands.
  • Two options for style. Lower rise bikini style or higher rise hipster style. I made the hipster height since it was most comparable to the other patterns I used.
  • Tips for sewing with knits included.
  • Bright, clear photos


  • The pattern pieces don’t seem as professionally made as the others. There are some line breaks in the the pattern pieces (where they don’t quite meet up at the corners).
  • Finished measurements given are unstretched. So to choose a size to make was basically guesswork. I decided to multiply the finished waist measurement by 1.5 (basically assuming my fabric had 50% stretch) and the closest result to my daughter’s waist was what I chose (and then I also compared the pattern piece to the other patterns I was using).

Verdict: These ones didn’t provide complete coverage in the back when sitting down but had I used the knit bands instead of FOE it would have been fine as she was missing just under an inch to get full coverage. If making them with FOE, I will size up in the rise next time in order to get the full coverage. I won’t be making the bikini style for my daughter at this point though.


 Little Kiwis Closet Kiwiana Undies:

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

Size I made: 57cm

Fabric I used: Upcycled t-shirts for the both the main and bands.


  • Measurements in both imperial and metric
  • Can have fun doing colour blocking with this pattern.
  • Includes doll pattern


  • Tiny bit baggy in the front. Probably due to the style though since they’re designed to be unisex and also she measured a tiny bit under for the size I made.
  • Pattern pieces are nested with no differentiation in line style, (just different colours), so if printing in black and white it’s a little difficult in some places to distinguish the right line to cut out.

Verdict: Fit was pretty good, although these are higher cut in the leg  so coverage wasn’t as full as I prefer for her. The rise was good though and coverage is comparable to some of her RTW undies. She liked them. Would make again.


 Finally, A Spakly Baby Lil Bug Undies:

Girls Underwear Pattern Review by Lulu & Celeste for The Pattern Exam

Size I made: 3

Fabric I used: Upcycled t-shirt


  • Includes tips for sewing with knit fabric


  • If you like having all your measurements listed for you already to cut out your bands then this pattern won’t be for you. The method described to find the right length to cut for your bands is basically stretching the fabric to a specific length and then cutting it at the resulting length. The designer says the length depends on the stretchiness of your fabric which is why she says precise measurements aren’t given.
  • Finding the right size depends on measuring your child’s rise and not their waist/hip. This may be a little awkward/impossible if making to sell or for gifts.
  • I’m not too fond of some of the fonts used. Which I agree is a silly complaint to have but I found it hard to read as the tutorial switches fonts and sizes quite a bit.

Verdict: These had the perfect fit and full coverage on the bum and around the legs. Some of the pictures in the tutorial show slight bunching on the model but on my daughter they were perfectly smooth. These are the ones she pulls out of the drawer to wear as soon as they’re clean again. Will make these again for sure.



Hope to see you all next time as we review legging patterns!


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