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April Pattern Review: Underwear

Hi and welcome to The Pattern Exam!  We’re so thankful you’re here!  We hope that by becoming a regular follower of the blog, you’ll be a better informed customer in the sewing pattern world, and that we add value to all areas of your sewing.


We’re a team of bloggers that came together early this year with the purpose of testing and reviewing some of your favorite sewing patterns. This has been a labor of love, and we’re so excited to finally launch! You can read more about the bloggers behind the scenes here and get an overview of the process here. For our very first review, we picked the item we all wear underneath it all – underwear!

Since we’d selected underwear for the first month, we divided up as evenly as possible into girl and boy patterns. Two of the patterns are made for both genders, but others were written specifically with girls or boys in mind. All the pattern designers included in April very generously provided these patterns for us to try. Some we already owned, and some we didn’t but we all did our absolute best to review them the same across the board. We received this month’s patterns for free in exchange for posting, but all opinions are our own. (In an effort to eliminate as much bias as possible, this will not be the case going forward; our posts will, instead, include free patterns or ones we have purchased.)

One more awesome thing we’ll be including each month is a comprehensive pattern checklist.  If you’re looking for the nitty gritty based on your personal preferences, we’ve created a checklist detailing each pattern that was reviewed.  Maybe you like nested patterns that have the ability to print in layers, maybe you won’t buy pattern without finished measurements.  Whatever your favorite options are, you’ll be able to see if they’re included at a glance. Just check out our chart and hopefully your buying decisions will be much easier because we’ve done the grunt work.  Feel free to print or save our list for you personal reference as well.  You can find the boy and girl pattern charts right here in this post!


Our patterns for Boys:



Our blogger reviews for the Boys:

boy blogger collage

Top to Bottom & Left to Right: The Wholesome Mama, Made By Jaime, Handmade Boy, Pen, Seb, & Rox, Rebel & Malice


Click below to find the reviews!

The Wholesome Mama

Made By Jaime

Handmade Boy

Pen, Seb, & Rox

Rebel & Malice

Our patterns for Girls:


Our blogger reviews for the Girls:

girl bloggers

Left to Right: Mimi’s Mom, Sugarplum Cuties, Lulu & Celeste

Click below to find the reviews!

Mimi’s Mom

Sugarplum Cuties

Lulu & Celeste

Sew Out of Control




Please read the reviews, evaluate, see what you think you’d like to sew! We’d love your feedback on the process and if you’re inspired now to sew up some undies! What other types of patterns would you like us to put to the test?

Again, a very special thanks to the pattern designers that made this month possible!  Next up: leggings!

Hi! I'm Kirsten! I'm a lover of Jesus, a wife to a military man, and a mommy to 3 wonderful children that I homeschool. I've been sewing for 7 years now, and I'm so blessed to be able to share my gift with you.
Darcie Griffin is a crafty California girl, mom of 3, wannabe nerd, phpBB Moderator Team Leader, corn allergy lady. She blogs at http://mimismom.com

8 thoughts on “April Pattern Review: Underwear

  1. Thanks for including my patterns in your exam. I’m excited to read all of the reviews! One quick note my patterns are designed to print on letter and A4 paper. While I don’t have a separate file they will print on both paper sizes 🙂

  2. Thanks for reviewing my Big Girl Briefs pattern, you did a great job!
    Just a little thing: on the Checklist you say my pattern doesn’t have the seam allowances on the pattern pieces, but (if I’m understanding what you mean with it) it actually has both the seamline and the cutline marked down, so definitely has seam allowances marked in it!
    Can’t wait to see the next reviews – following you!

    • Thanks for pointing that out Irene! I’ve changed the chart to reflect your pattern more accurately! So sorry about the mistake!!! Thank you SEW SEW SEW 😉 much for allowing us to sew up your undies and include them in the Pattern Review. Your generosity and customer service are superb!

  3. What a great read. all the reviews were well written and I did like that each reviewer included likes and dislikes, pros and cons. It was also great to see the reviews based on the patterns by keeping the fabrics the same. I look forward to the next Pattern Exam. Great job!

  4. I’m so pleased to have found these reviews and your site. What a wonderful resource it is for the sewing community. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’ve been trying to decide on underwear patterns recently but I know that I’ll come back time and time again for your other series. Your comments on flies in boys underwear has led to much lively discussion with my dh and sons, here in the UK it’s fairly common to buy mens and boys briefs without flies, I wonder if it’s a cultural / different country thing? Who knew, I’m sure that I find it far more fascinating than I should lol! Anyway I’m all set to buy my pattern and start cutting into my jersey scraps, thanks to you ladies ♥

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